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tv   The Ed Show  MSNBC  January 7, 2011 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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ttons and on the table at this hour. a very confident president obama came out today to announce strong, new job numbers but john boehner and the republicans are already trying to take credit and rewrite history. austan goolsbee president obama's top white house adviser is here with the reaction for the numbers tonight house republicans say they want to cut the deficit but john boehner refuses to name a single program to cut. not one. and today, they cleared the way for a vote to repeal the health care bill. which we all know will blow a $230 billion hole in the deficit. congressman peter defazio of oregon, he went after the republicans today, and he will join me live here tonight. it's already getting ugly out there for the righties, who want to be president. today, rudy giuliani is taking a shot at chris christie and i'm loving that. bob shrum will join us how far tell get and how ugly it will get. and folks, we all than glenn beck, the beckster is crazy, but
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now he's talking about trust and dead birds. i don't know what the connection is there but it does land him in "the zone." this is the story that has me fired up tonight, folks, listen very carefully. republicans -- the obama economy has created jobs for 12 straight months. mr. boehner, if you want to know where the jobs are, wipe the tears out of your eyes and take a look. the economy added 103,000 jobs in december, the unemployment rate dropped from 9.8% to 9.4%, and in an upbeat and confident president obama talked about the new job numbers at a window manufacturing company in landover, maryland, today. >> the economy added more than 100,000 jobs last month, and the unemployment rate fell sharply. and we know that these numbers can bounce around from month to month but the trend is clear. we saw 12 straight months of
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private sector job growth. that's first time that's been true since 2006. the economy added 1.3 million jobs last year. and each quarter was stronger than the previous quarter. which means that the pace of hiring is beginning to pick up. >> well, the president is finally showing some swagger for work he's done to turn the job numbers around after the bush nightmare. the president thinks america's economic future looks even brighter in 2011. partly due to the tax cut deal he brokered last month. >> we're also seeing more optimistic economic forecasts for the year ahead. in part, due to the package of tax cuts i signed last month including a payroll tax cut for workers and a series of tax cuts to encourage investment and innovation and hiring. and i fought for that package
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because even though our economy is recovering, we've still got a lot to do. >> a lot to do but the president is spot on. now, a survey of 28 economists in the "usa today" predicts employers will add 183,000 jobs a month through 2011. moody's is predicting a 2011 hiring should lower the jobless rate to 8.9% or so by the end of the year. this is positive news. is there anything wrong with positive news? but you see, the republicans, they still refuse to give president obama an ounce of credit. boehner and his buddy eric cantor can't admit that the president's policies are working. instead, they have their own plan. today, house republicans introduced what they call, what they call, the repealing of the job-killing health care law act. kantor put like this. "we will repeal obamacare -- i hate it when they say that, but of course that's their bullet points.
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they will repeal obamacare with the repeal of the job-killing legislation, businesses will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, the republican majority is committed to a cut and grow agenda? oxymoron there, huh? what is a cut and grow agenda? the republicans are the masters at cutting help for the middle class and growing the bank accounts for the top 2%, the super rich in this country. kantor and the tan man are hell-bent on taking this country back to the bush economic years and the disaster that put us right in the mess that we're in right now. nancy pelosi put it like this. "today's jobs report provides evidence that the policies of the democratic-led congress are helping create jobs and revitalize our economy, adding more jobs in 2010 than president bush did over eight years." is that true? it is. president obama and the democrats need to keep talking up the record on job creation
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before the republicans' starting to realize, hey be we better take credit for this 37 john boehner and eric cantor think that they run the country right now but they still haven't brought anything to the table to create jobs. face it, folks, the stimulus package worked. the health care bill hasn't killed one job in this country, and the republicans, they are still republicans. but here's what bothers -- i -- at least me, as an american, why i name-called him the other night. why can't we get, since this is a new congress and we want to change everything and we want to make sure that america moves forward, can't on the economy when there's positive news out there when there are numbers out there, can't for just a moment as a country, we just come together and say, you know what, this is going in the right direction and 12 months in a row it was good news. it's not the way that we would do it, this is the republicans talking. it's not the way that we would do it, but this is going in the right direction. no, they can't do that. they're not honest brokers. even when you put the numbers in
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front of them they're not honest brokers. and it's unfortunate that taxpayers have to put up with this kind of bickering that goes on, even when the numbers are there. you know, there's an old jock strap saying from the locker room that goes this way. it's amazing what we can accomplish as a team when we're not concerned with who gets the credit. i think those days in washington are long gone. because it's all about political credit. it's all about one upmanship. it's all about us versus them. in the radio business, they say, well, gosh, talk radio today, all of the conservatives over here, all of the liberals are over here. well what the hell, it's just a reflection of what the country is right now and it's just a reflection of what washington is all about. because they're all about credit. even when you put good numbers in fronted of them the republicans are in denial. get your cell phones out. tonight's text survey question is, do you think the republicans
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deserve any credit for job creation? text "a" for yes. text "b" for no to 622639 and we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me now from the white house is austan goolsbee, chairman of the economic counsel of advisers. mr. goolsbee, good to have you tonight. >> nice to see you, ed. >> you bet. congratulations i think is in order considering the fact that this is the 12 straight month that we've added private sector jobs as an economy, as a country, but i want some real strong confirmation from you tonight. are the things that this white house is doing for the economy, is it working? do you believe it's working? can you say with conviction that we are headed in the right direction and these policies that have been implemented are working? >> yes. look, they are working. i think the numbers speak for themselves. you don't have to take my opinion for it. i mean, we had 12 straight months of private sector job growth. we added 1.3 million jobs for the year.
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now, i'm not going to tell you that's all we need to do or that we're home free. but, look, the car drove way the wrong way and drove into a ditch. we're out of the ditch. we're a long way from home. but we're on the road back, and we're rolling. >> this is more than a trend. the president i thought was upbeat and confident today. he says it's trends. but isn't this a direction? are you willing to say that we are definitely headed for the kind of economy that we're looking for? >> well, look i try to stay out of prediction business. we've got an official government forecast. you know, of what the gdp's going to be and what of unemployment and that'll come out in the budget in a couple weeks but i'm telling you if you look at 2010 numbers you cannot help but note that for the year 2010, that's the best private sector job growth we've had in four years. the fourth quarter of 2010 was the best quarter that the we've had in almost four years and
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none of those numbers even include the benefits of the tax deal that the president got put into law. that stuff's going to kick in in 2011 so i think that there's -- there are clearly positive signs and we're on the road out but the president's the first to say that we've got to grow faster. >> is the white house willing to not be so coy about it? you have, if you can confirm and created more private sector jobs than want bush administration did in eight years? are you willing to say that? >> i have to go back and look that up. what we've mainly been trying to focus on is the jobs going forward, not the comparentive looking backward but you know i do know that 2010, it can be better. we want 2011 to be better. but adding 1.3 million jobs in the private sector is exactly how we have to start growing our way out of this thing. >> mr. goolsbee, you being on the economic team, it's all about the numbers, and it's all about what spending is going do. the republicans in the house are about to repeal the health care
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reform bill. this is what the speaker of the house had to say. mr. boehner said, "today we will take the first steps towards repealing the job-killing health care law so that we can replace it with the reforms that will lower costs and protect jobs. our economy will ultimately recover, but it will do so because of the hard work and entrepreneurship, not more wasteful washington spending." and now the republicans are saying that the cbo scores are phony. that they don't agree with them. does the white house believe that the cbo scores are correct? they put out a statement yesterday saying that if they repeal the health care bill, it will added to the deficit to the tune of $230 billion. where does the white house stand on this? >> well, look, congressional budget office is nonpartisan. i couldn't help but notice that some the same people saying, well, they don't want to take what the cbo said are people who are on other things when they agree with them are out trumping the cbo, so, look, the umpire is who the umpire is.
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and i absolutely believe that the cbo, as well as many other private forecasters have pointed out that the health care law would reduce the deficit by hundreds of billions of dollars and if you went back and repealed it, in addition to making it so that people with pre-existing conditions could be denied health coverage. in addition to throwing millions of people off of their -- off of health care and preventing small business from being able to get cheap health care, you would also add $230 billion to the deficit over the next ten years. i just think it's confused. it doesn't make sense. >> are they fraudulent in their terminology when they say it's a job-killing health care bill? >> well, i don't know fraudulent. they're not correct. and if you look at a small business, and you know this, ed, you talk small business all of the time. the biggest problems facing small business in a normal period have been the dramatically high costs of health care and the difficulty to hire workers to come work for
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you at a small business when there has been outright discrimination against small business. they often have to pay 50% more for exactly the same health plan as big business does and that ends the small business through these exchanges in the health plan can suddenly get much -- significantly cost-reduced health care that gets a subsidy from the government and makes them competitive and allows small business to grow. so i think it's totally wrong to call that job-killing. it's job creating. >> mr. goolsbee, good to have you with us tonight. i appreciate your time on "the ed show." thanks so much. >> thank you. coming up, every yelling about budget cuts for years, speaker boehner, well, he was asked point blank, what would you cut? and he had absolutely no clue. this guy's winging it and they don't have a plan and we'll show you the tape. and congressman peter defazio gets ahead of boehner in just a moment. the beckster somehow found a way to link dead birds to the
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south -- in the south to trusting the media? wow. what a stretch. you've got to see it to believe it. he flies into "the zone" on this one. plus, president obama sits down with o'reilly. i want to know, what's the president going to gain by sitting down over on fox? the people that are trying to defeat him. and "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead headlines "club ed." that natural instincts made their hair feel softer. want feel good color? get 10 minute natural instincts. it's all good.
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♪ four decadent flavors. 60 calories. it's me o'clock -- time for jell-o. coming up, president obama is getting more and more comfortable with the wall street crowd and i really think he needs to be somewhat careful. two major appointments this week come from big business. next he'll speak at right-wing chamber of commerce. it has a lot of liberals wondering what the heck is going on.
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welcome back to "the ed show" and thanks for watching tonight. republicans spent all year hollering about cutting the budget, and their pledge to america promised to chop $100 billion of government spending this year. right out of the budget. the tan man, john boehner, led the charge. >> we need to cut spending. >> cut spending. >> make it easier to cut spending. >> we have to stop all of the incoming tax hikes and we have to cut spending. >> economists say that we should cut spending now. >> all right, he was on the trail talking about that a lot. but yesterday when brian williams, the most-watched anchor in america asked boehner about cutting specific programs, he kind of drew a blank. >> do you consider the defense budget sacred? >> absolutely not. >> do you consider the homeland
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security budget sacred. >> no. >> what goes? name a program right now that we could do without? >> i don't think that i have one off of the top of my head. >> not off the top of his head. now, think about this, folks. you win the election, you know that you're going to be the speaker, this was back in, what early november, i think. you've had all of this time to prepare after running around the country telling people that you're going to cut the budget, you've got to cut everything and you're about do an interview with the number one anchor in america and when you're asked a question about cutting, he doesn't have anything off of the top of his head. now, let's see, let's review the record. they've had no ideas on health care. no ideas on job creation. and, of course, they run around talking about cutting spending. but when you ask them when the rubber meetins the road, they don't have an answer. boehner knew he was going to be the speaker of the house back on november 2nd p gave him 65 days to figure out what to cut in the budget. this is just proof the republicans have no plan here in
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country. they're winging it. the only thing they're focused on is sucking up to the tea partiers with the health care repeal vote. that's how deep they are. the vote is a complete waste of time, my friends. and the democrats are pointing out to the righties that repealing health care, this will hurt people across this country. no one was stronger on that today than congressman peter defazio of oregon. >> the republicans are going to allow the return of the worst abuses of the health insurance industry, pre-existing exclusion, taking away your policy when you get sick, lifetime in annual caps, throw in your kids off of your policies. i haven't had a single constituent and i know that i haven't. i beg you to bring back these abuses. is that what you're doing? is that what they want? >> congressman peter defazio joins us here on "the ed show" tonight. congressman, i appreciate your work on this and telling it like it is. that really is the game plan, is it not, for the democrats to
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make sure that the american people know the human cost of this? what do you think? >> absolutely, the republicans said repeatedly our constituents are demanding the repeal of this law. and i would -- i would beg them to deliver one constituent to speak publicly to say, oh, i think that we should go back to the good old days when they could cancel your policy, when you got sick, when they could not issue a policy because you had once been sick, where your kids aren't eligible for coverage between ages 21 and 26. where seniors are in the doughnut hole without any help. all of those things would be result in the complete and total repeal of health care, which they're pushing. and they're pushing, you know because they know that those things won't happen iguess, is why they're pushing it so it's all for show and kind a latest of time and yeah a lot of things that we could be talking about as you said earlier. real plateses to cut this government. they've got some ideas. i've got some ideas. how to move towards fiscal responsibility. you can't do it if you keep reducing the government's income
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and don't make any cuts over here, they're increasing the deficit. >> congressman, your thoughts on how all of a sudden the cbo, they're just a bunch of bums that can't add and subtract. >> well, it's like when, you know, the republicans often use the cbo numbers, last year when they agreed with assessments by the congressional budget office, now when those same objective, nonpartisan group of folks, professionals, say well, gee, you know, if you take out the cost controls, if you allow the abuses of the insurance industry on come back, if you inkreeps the cost for prescription drugs, for seniors, it'll cost both the seniors more and the government more, these things all add up to about $230 billion in additional costs. it's just an honest assessment of what total repeal would do. so we bring back the abuses of the insurance industry, and we add more money to the debt. >> don't you find it rather odd that john boehner's going around the country talking about cutting spending, yet when he's asked about it in an interview, he has no answer?
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>> i thought that was extraordinary, ed. i've got to tell you, that was like, whoa, really? i would have had a long list. i could come up with a list you know especially if i was going fob speaker of the house. there's places that we should and could cut government. the secretary of the defense just came out with a pretty good list today. >> where would you go to cut spending, if that's what it's all about at this point to get our fiscal house in order. where's the first place that you would go, congressman? >> well, you have to go where the big money is a start. that means that the defense department can't be exempt particularly the huge costs over on the major weapon systems for the cold war-style weapons that we don't need. some of which don't work. i would -- but i would not -- i would go to the department of agriculture. you know that's one the most expensive subsidies provided by the government is the subsidies. they go to five states for four crops that are grown in surplus in this country. huge, huge and unnecessary subsidies put on the taxpayers. i would -- i personally would
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eliminate the idea of going back to the moon and mars until we're in better fiscal order here. we can send more robots if there is something that we have to look at but to spend a trillion dollars on a man mission. for a man mission to mars, that's kind nuts. little things, selective service. we're still making young men register for the draft that's never coming back. i mean, there's a lot of places to go and he should had been able to name a few. >> why am i not surprised that your answer's a heck of a lot longer than john boehner's? congressman, great to have you with us tonight. always a pleasure. >> thanks, ed. >> you bet. >> thank you. coming up, glenn beck is preaching about trust, honor, and integrity. and he's talking about dead birds falling out of the sky. folks, he's flying into new stratosphere of crazy, isn't he? the beckster makes his first appearance in "the zone" in the new year. she felt lost...
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and in "psycho talk" tonight, well, folks, i guessing it's come to this, the beckster is lecturing the media on trust. it all started when beck went off of the deep end. over the media coverage of the thousands of birds and fish that have been found dead recently in arkansas, louisiana. >> one of the big stories on the internet is dead fish and dead birds popping up anywhere and if you look at these stories you're like holy cow, animals are dying. rivers are turning green. it's the end of the world. media seems content, just throwing it out there. >> oh, yeah, first of all, beck should be criticizing anyone for
6:28 pm
fear mongering about the end of the world. but he didn't stop there. he also decided to lecture us on the problem with america. >> the problem we have in this country is trust, honor, integrity, all of that stuff. and it's going to lead to big problems because you don't know what is true and it's so easy now to go into crazy territory. >> oh, yeah, well, beckster you know all about the crazy territory, don't you? you've been living there for years. showing us your warped version of trust, honor, and integrity. >> we're going to scare the bats out of you in the next hour. >> i'll show you how we go from french fries to global unrest. >> the government and its friends are indoctrinating our children for the control of their minds, your freedom, and our choice, and our future. >> the government is full of vampires and they are trying to suck the lifeblood out of the
6:29 pm
economy. >> there will be rivers of blood. >> i fear the trouble is just about to begin and it will only get worse. >> rivers of blood? wow. glenn beck is the definition of a fear mongerer and now he's lecturing the rest of us about the big problems we're facing because of the lack of trust? folks, that is high-flying "psycho talk." coming up, fasten your seat belt, folks. there's a report out that rudy giuliani, well, he may run for president in 2012. and the first thing he did today was take a shot at chris christie. hey, that's okay. i'm all right with that. and there's a whole bunch of righties going at one another right now. democratic strategist bob shrum is watching from afar and watching the republicans wondering just how far this is all going to go. and president obama is reaching out to big business and moving to the center. i think that he's playing with fire on this one. the panel gets after that tonight. plus, why on earth is
6:30 pm
president obama sitting down for a big interview with fox news' bill o'reilly? and harry reid says the tea partiers, well, they're going to disappear. they're going to disappear. i'll show you the tape.
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show." the "battleground" story tonight, well, it snowed in new jersey today. now, folks in the garden state, do you know where your governor is at this hour? this is a live picture on route 17. it's snowing. it's a late misting snow, are we sure the governor is in the state? hm? christie's spent some rare quality time in his home state week, but he's still taking some heat for being at disney world a couple of weeks back when his state was hit with one of the worst snowstorms in the state's mystery and the latest criticism comes from a member from his own party. former new york governor -- new york mayor rudy giuliani.
6:34 pm
rudy is reportedly thinking about another run for president, since his first one was so skvlg right? and this morning, he took his first shot across the bow at the only republican who seems to be able to pull out better than president obama. >> it was a mistake on chris christie's part? >> yeah. chris should have come back. if you ask me my advice, i would have said they elect you governor, they've got an emergency, they expect you to be there, you know? you've got to be there if you're a governor, a mayor, or even a president if it's important enough. >> well, rudy, you'll not be going to dinner with him anytime soon, and rudy isn't the only republican presidential hopeful to take aim at a potential opponent. mike huckabee recently slammed sarah palin after she came out against the first lady's anti-obesity campaign, and this week, former minnesota governor tim pawlenty took a thinly veiled swipe at fellow
6:35 pm
congresswoman michele bachmann and when asked about bachmann's rumored presidential ambitions, pawlenty put the deep freeze on it. "well, it's a free country. anyone can run that's over the age of 35. i have respect for michele bachmann. i've had a cordial and a positive relationship with her." cordial and positive, not exactly a ringing endorsement, so, governor, where's the love? in fact, these righties are just getting started, folk, beating each other up and it's going to be a great side show for us, isn't it? joining me now is veteran democratic strategist and nyu professor, bob shrum. bob, great to have you with us tonight. >> great to be here, ed. >> you bet. they seem to be getting away from the old reagan thing. you don't throw your old partner under the bus. how dogmatic are these candidates going to be, how vicious could this get on the republicans' side? >> well, i think it's going to get really tough. first of all, everybody's out after romney. they're all accusing him of
6:36 pm
betraying fundamental republican principles because romneycare, they say, was the mold for obamacare and romney's trying to run away from it, trying to mooch to the right everywhere else, and he's not getting much room do that, i think, from these fellow republicans. i am amused by rudy giuliani and chris christie, because giuliani is right and he's wrong. he's right that chris christie was in fantasy land in more than one sense. if he thought he should be in disneyland while his state was going during this emergency. but giuliani himself suffers from the persistent delusion that somehow or rather he can par lay his performance on 9/11 into a republican presidential nomination. he is not nominatable in the republican party, he's pro-choice, they'll never nominate him. and then what w what you're seeing with pawlenty and bachmann you know they're looking for the same constituency, kind of the hard
6:37 pm
right constituency, that's what huckab huckabee's looking for. by the way, i have to defend huckabee. he was absolutely right to go after sarah palin for attacking michelle obama for fighting childhood obesity. it was ridiculous. it was graceless on palin's part, and it was stupid. but you're going to see more and more of this as we go through in the next few months. >> what about michele bachmann? i mean there's been a lot of conversation this week about her wanting to go to try to get the nomination. she's raised a heck of a lot of money. she is a tea party favorite. if you diss her, you diss the tea party. i don't think that anybody on the right -- in the conservative movement or in the republican party can win the nomination or win the presidency without the tea party. so is she going to be kind of offlimits in all of this in a sense, what do you think? >> well, that's why i think that you saw pawlenty not quite knowing what to say. what he wanted to say was that he's a serious conservative, he's serious about government, he's been a governor, and she's seriously off of the edge, but he couldn't say that so he said,
6:38 pm
well, she's old enough to run and we've had a cordial relationship. look, michele bachmann would be my second choice for the republican nomination after sarah palin. i don't think she'd get elected president. i don't think that the country would think that she was qualified and i think that americans would think that her views were entirely extreme. the person blow is benefiting from all of this right now is barack obama. his numbers are moving up after the lame-duck session of the congress they've gotten better. i think that there are signs although not as fast as we'd like that this economy may be improving and people sense that he's the one trying to reach out to the republicans and that they're spurning him. they've had a terrible first week in congress, he's had a very good last month, so he's sitting here watching the demolition derby on the other side and i think enjoying it. >> i agree with you, it's been a bad week. you're not supposed to vote unless you get sworn-in. kind of a big deal. bob shrum, always a pleasure. great to have you with us. thanks so much. now let's get some rapid-fire response from our panel on these stories.
6:39 pm
majority leader harry reid beat tea partier sharron angle. we were there below it happened and now he says the tea party movement is just going to disappear. president obama is reaching out to big business for his inner circle and some liberals not too happy about it. pretty curious about it as well. today he picked another person with wall street ties. and rudy giuliani reportedly says, a far right candidate could help him win the presidency. with us tonight joe madison, xm satellite radio talk show host. and heidi harris, conservative radio talk show host from las vegas. great to have both of you tonight. this is coming up sunday with david gregory "meet the press." this is what her ay reid says about the tea partiers, here it? >> you ran against sharron angle. tough race for election and you prevailed. she was tea party-backed a tea party candidate, certainly made a lot of headlines around the country. do she and others as part of this tea party represent a
6:40 pm
lasting force in american politics? >> the tea party was born because of the economy. the economy is probably the worst its ever been except for maybe the great depression. the tea party will disappear as soon as the economy gets better and the economy's getting better all of the time. >> heidi, what about that? >> well, he may be right about the fact that the tea party started out as you know taxed enough already, it was what it meant. and he may be right that as the economy gets better, people will be less worried about being part of the tea party, but as you also know the tea party members are already warning the newly elected republicans, hey don't forget what you promised about smaller government and lower taxes. so they're going to hold the republicans accountable as much as they hold the democrats accountable. soap i don't want the movement to die because i don't want people to forget about what our politicians should do, which is be responsible to us. >> what do you think, joe? >> well, i always say that a moment is not a movement. you want fundamental changes. you don't want transactional
6:41 pm
change. there's -- was supposed to be this agreement between the tea partiers and the republicans. so heidi is absolutely correct, harry reid is correct. if they can transact and i'm speaking of the democrats, the improvement and people start going back to work -- excuse me, people start going back to work and then reality is, there's no movement. there's no movement and it's over. i think that the other problem they have, they admit, they're leaderless. they don't have leaders. now they've got financial supporters but they've claimed that they're leaderless and most movements don't exist without some type of solid leadership. >> yeah, joe, what about the president going to wall street to pick up some help this week? gene spurling, his resume, national economic counsel director. national economic adviser for president clinton and worked for goldman sachs and then you've
6:42 pm
got william daley who is the new chief of staff. clinton commerce department secretary. jpmorgan executive. is this going to fly with the left, what do you think? >> well, no, it will not fly with the million of the left. ed, i think that we're on the same page on this one. i would love to see in washington, fundamental change, again, not transactional leadership. but let's go to the midwest. let's go to regional bankers, successful community bankers and these are the main street people and i think that's what really, we on the left, want to see. that's the kind of change we want to see. i'm weary of these ivy leaguers. >> okay, heidi, did the republicans have a bad first week? bob shrum just said that the president's had some good numbers today. what do you think? >> do they have a good first week i don't know, they're barely getting settled in. i don't know if it was necessarily a good or a bad week. the democrats have attacked them on day one, so, so far about
6:43 pm
bipartisan that everyone was talking about. i hope that they hold to the principles that they suppose lead got elected on. >> he doesn't even know what to cut. >> hey, ed they, just spent -- they've just spent $1.2 million reading the -- oh i'm sorry, a version of the constitution. two, you had two congressmen, now two congressmen who tried to get sworn-in telegraphically. i mean, yeah, they had a bad week and their leader couldn't answer a basic question. and you just heard a democrat give a whole laundry list of things that ought to be cut, and i'm hoping he can get bipartisan support. >> joe madison, heidi harris, great to have you with us tonight. thanks for joining me on a friday, thanks so much. coming up, president obama is sitting down for a super boum interview with bill o'reilly. now, what good's going to come from this? and "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead has a theory on why john boehner's tears just flow and flow. and flow. that's in "club ed."
6:44 pm
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call us at -- or visit your local liberty mutual office, where an agent can help you find the policy that's right for you. liberty mutual insurance -- responsibility. what's your policy? in my "playbook" tonight well a lot of liberals really don't understand why president obama has agreed to do an interview with the partisan broadcaster, bill o'reilly on super bowl sunday. listeners on my radio show today were not happy with the news. listen to this. >> caller: i think it's a stupid move. >> caller: he's continually abandonning the left to try to get the right and the right will never vote for him in this environment. >> caller: if he wanted to to forget an objective viewpoint to try to sway people there are millions of different newscasts and vehicles that he could do it on. o'reilly calls his show fair and balanced it should be insane and
6:48 pm
imbalanced. >> caller: i think that obama is denigrating himself in giving anytime of this guy who is a bully and a low-life. >> caller: why are yyou debasin yourself. >> don't you just love the base? president obama has been interviewed by fox a few times. he knows what he's getting into. he can definitely handle himself. but what's the upside? last time he went on the fair and balanced network he was treated rudely and could hardly get a word in. >> i don't think that we should pretend otherwise -- >> but mr. president this monday -- >> let me finish. 20% -- >> let me insert this. >> i could read these e-mails. >> but it's not just washington punditry. >> no, listen. enormous challenges that were faced because of that. >> i understand. but do you know which ones -- >> hold a sec. it was ugly when republicans were in charge, it was ugly when the democrats were in charge.
6:49 pm
>> this is 1/6 of the u.s. economy. >> sir, you have to let me finish my answers. >> but sir, i know that you don't like to filibuster. >> well i'm trying to answer your questions and you keep on interrupting. >> you can't trust them and does the white house -- have they really made the determination that an interview like that, and that's what it'll be with o'reilly, is going to be good for them? sure the super bowl has a huge audience, so do a lot of playoff games, but president obama has the state of the union coming up, i think it's pretty sure that he could call up just about anybody and get an interview with him. so why o'reilly? it'll be o'reilly's biggest audience ever. joining me now for more on this is new york pic 11's commentator. good move, bad move what do you think, lionel? >> edward, in the pantheon of political genius, obama is zus. he has to go on and do an interview in which he did last year which is kind of a protocol
6:50 pm
on the station that handles the super bowl. last year it was katie couric, it's going to be fox. now, if you're going to pick somebody from fox, because he can't back out, who better than the a-team bill o'reilly? you're not going to see that with brett again. believe me they said, brett that dog don't hunt. that's not the way that we do it, and i know, ed, you're going to fall off of your throne when i tell you this, but of the fox news folks, the guy you're probably going to get the most fair and balanced -- or as approximately close to that as you're ever going to get is with bill o'reilly. listen the left loves -- >> they're not capable of fair and balanced. >> the right can't stand him but if you will pick smoob poke somebody from the other side, what better venue than the enemy side, so to speak. i think it's genius. he is the most disarming, defusing -- you know they talk about how cold -- we're talking about obama, not bill, but we
6:51 pm
need a teleprompter. he is deadly in an interview. i'm telling you, they're going to walk back -- leave from this, and be amazed. his group right now with plouffe and with rouse and even with daley, this is -- this is the a-team of a-teams. it is brilliant. now i would have gone on "the ed show," but that's me. >> i'm rooting for you for president if that's the case. >> no but i'm serious. listen i know this is going to kill you but a lot of people will be watching you, it is the super bowl, but watch him defuse and i don't want to say make a gelding out of mr. o'reilly but as close to it as you're going to get. >> don't you think that o'reilly's going to ask him if he was born in america, we're going to go down that road, the birther everything else. >> if he wastes his time on that, bring it pon. i mean seriously. do you have the law form of your
6:52 pm
birth certificate? no, no, no. you watch because they're saying to bill o'reilly listen you have to make up for brett baer. that was not helpful at all. >> i am very honored to have you on -- in fact any night. not just fridays. all right, buddy. >> thank you. final pages in "the playbook" tonight, i'm gearing up for a big week for playoff football. the big eddie picks. indy at home against the jets. i know it hurts. i don't see the saints losing at seattle. i like the eagles against green bay. and i think baltimore wins on the road at kansas city. and there must be something in the water over at the turner network. tnt's charles barkley. it's true barkley fashion and he didn't back off. >> some idiot on another station named tucker carlson who called out michael vick, number one michael vick, we are all pulling for you, man. you keep doing your thing. you paid your debt to society.
6:53 pm
good luck to you all in the playoff, and tucker carlson, who's a nobody, he used to work for us over here. we fired him because he sucked, now he goes over there. >> and you were part of that process in the firing. >> you know i had to -- >> you were in that meeting. >> no he said that michael vick should be executed which is total bs. coming up, michele bachmann, well, she made headlines all week with rumors of a presidential run. "daily show" co-creator lizz winstead snaps her out of the trance. [ female announcer ] mousse temptations by jell-o. ♪
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welcome back. if it's friday it's time for "club ed" with "daily show" cocrazier lizz winstead. coming from minneapolis. already, lizz, we've got john boehner, he's got the gavel now. what do you make of all of this? >> well, you know it's so exciting to watch how you know he takes the gavel and then the first thing that they do partially read the constitution. i don't know kind of a fun fact, ed. this is the first time that republicans have read anything on the floor that a lobbyist hasn't written for them, so it was historic. >> what do you make of the crying? and then there's a study out there you know linking it to women's tears. what's happening here? >> well, what's crazy, there's a couple of things. i think that we need to remember that the first three letters in sobbing, spell s.o.b. for what's that worth but i think that the crying is -- it's a little frightening to me how there was this study done that says women's tears lower the
6:58 pm
testosterone in men, and then there's another study done that's lesser known that says, john boehner's tears actually lower the i.q. in the republican party. >> yeah, ialdgree, with that. >> did you read that, yeah. >> all right now we've got all-american psycho-talker michele bachmann thinking about the oval office. what do you think about that? >> the first thing i have to ask you is, have you are considered at all of just changing the name of your show to "psycho talk"? i don't know -- >> the friday edition. >> do it, it's crazy. but second of all, michele bachmann's threat to rn for presidt ouldt sce yoan beuseh and rhei believe that the rapture isming on n for ything. at s apparently i'm not, you're not, but she and her people are going to ascend into the heavens. the chosen and the rest of us will be left to pick through their stuff, i guess. i want her plaid jacket us. >> want her plaid jackets. >> i want her plaid jackets. >> all right what do you make of michele bachmann and sarah palin being silent on antonin scalia's
6:59 pm
comment that women don't have equal protection into the constitution? >> well, first of all, ed, you're making assumption that they know who he is, they. and second of all -- see first of all. i don't think that they think that women have equal rights under the constitution either the way that they talk. i mean i really honestly think, they're not pro-choice. i look at them and i think eye don't know how they really get through the day as women. but they're stand by your mannish. and i think that michele bachmann believes in some sort of coveted marriage and she has like five kids and 87 foster children. and you know the family comes first. and so i don't know. i really think that they believe that -- when you believe in the rapture and when you believe that you are chosen by god, you aren't really paying any attention to any fact-based thing and when scalia says women don't have any rights and scalia also comes from some sort of crazy bible skewed


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